Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University



Pratt Institute, Undergraduate Communications Design
Assistant Professor
2018 Fall
Research, Analysis, and Process
Graphic Design Intensive
Integrated Visual Communication: Cross-platform

Pratt Institute, Graduate Communications Design
Teaching Assistant
2015 Spring and Fall
Typographic + Information Design, 


Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University
Data Visualization 2

Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University
Design Thinking
Design a Conference Poster
Interactive Design

Pratt Free School
Designer as Facilitator, with Nicole Salamone

Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University
Design: Visual Language and Typography


Design for Digital Humanities Project Management
With Natalia Ermolaev and Rebecca Munson at DH2018 panel 

Design for Collaborative Research
With Rebecca Sutton Koeser at Converge: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship, AIGA Design Educators Conference

At the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton, I work on user experience and visual design collaboratively with scholars for scholarly web-based projects to help answer research questions. The Derrida’s Margins project is about to launch!

Interactive Design

Design For Collaborative Research
June 2017
My presentation at the AIGA Design Educator Conference contemplates on how to better embed design to the research process as a tool. It reflects on our workflow for integrating design processes with software development for Digital Humanities projects at Princeton.

Collaborated with Rebecca Sutton Koeser

Weighing Lightness

The project investigates and reinterprets the influential parameters of two opposing concepts — lightness and heaviness. Coding process in Grounded Theory, a qualitative method commonly used in social science, has been utilized to identity qualities that will influence the perception of lightness from literature and art and design projects. By presenting an analytical lens as a tool to inspect design and other aesthetic phenomena, it offers an explanation of the rather elusive concept of lightness.

Pratt Communications Design MFA

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