Xinyi Li is a multifaceted designer working within the realms of visual communication and interactive experience for both informative and speculative projects. She currently designs user experience and visuals for the sponsored projects of the Center for Digital Humanities. She obtained Master of Fine Arts degree with Distinction in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, where she engaged in design projects, research, and teaching activities.

She regards design as a method of inquiry to intellectual challenges and complex problems. She believes that the emphasis of design has shifted to facilitation of the intangible exchange of information and knowledge production, and thrives to weave this into her teaching and practice. She enjoys working across disciplines, and she is into the precision of systematic models and embraces ambiguities of subjective experiences. Her recent interests are placed at the intersection of design, visual epistemology, technology, and human experience.

She has lectured about her work at Pratt Institute, AIGA/NY’s Fresh Grad 2016, and has conducted workshops at the Center For Digital Humanities at Princeton University, and Prat Free School.

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