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Some older projects

City Remix
A project encourages introspection into the hybrid culture in our daily lives

Having lived in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York, I felt the connective of the three metropolises – they intermingle with influences from colonial history, have many similar aspects. I collage with my photographs to recreate a few common scenes. The montages seem believable, but viewers who know these cities will notice something out of place.

135 mm × 195 mm


Photographs are so easy to create in this digital age, leaving people seldom think that each JPG file is an encoded piece of data. I changed the filename extension from JPG to TXT, and arbitraryly manipulated the code, to create unexpected glitchy images. The process leads to uncontrollable results and challenges the constraints of design principles.

The 7 Emotions, Experimental Chinese Typography





A Glimpse of Hong Kong

Shanghai Illustrations