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The capstone project creates an interactive experience to communicate the system developed in this thesis in the format of an installation, which consists of a digital projection and a collection of physical design objects made with a complex combination of properties. The first projected scene shows visuals signifying influential properties in different parts. To leave some openness to viewers’ interpretation, abstract shapes predominate figurative images. Viewers are expected to interact with the objects, and put one on the shelf to trigger an evaluating scene where they can use these properties as provided vocabulary to reflect upon and describe the chosen object on three levels. The projection will then tell how light it is based on how many properties from the light side have been used. Instead of a single quality standing alone, the visual is a mixed landscape in which a pair of opposites co-instantiate each other. This project encapsulates the established system as a reflective tool and exhibits a co-existing condition of opposites.
May 2016